Teeth Aligned with Ceramic Braces in Lahore

We offer all kinds of ceramic braces, which go well with each of our patient’s unique smile and facial bone structure. You don’t need to worry about getting ceramic braces in Lahore. For patients with cosmetic concerns, they need to rely on our expertise of constructing ceramic braces in Pakistan as per their specific requirements.

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Ceramic Braces Work Behind the Scenes to Keep You Smiling Always

The evolution in the ceramic braces’ technology has brought them at par with the traditional fixed braces. At Dental Aesthetics we recommend them to patients for correcting teeth with problems like overcrowding or for reducing unwanted spaces. Do not assume anything about the treatment relating to braces unless you have consulted a qualified dentist at Dental Aesthetics. Get in touch with one of our dentists at Dental Aesthetics to get the initial consultation. Always keep in mind that getting ceramic braces is not just good for your smile. It also makes you able to chew the food better, thus protecting your overall well-being & dental health.


A periodontist has 4 additional years of training & education after completing the bachelor of dental surgery. We are experts, equipped with the latest techniques for diagnosing patients with gums disease.

Complete Care

We have complete periodontal treatment which includes the gingiva - gums, alveolar bone, cementum, & periodontic ligament. We offer bone grafting, sinus lift, and full mouth rehab with dental implants.

Modern Equipment

Our team are experts, equipped with the latest techniques for diagnosing patients with gums disease. We have diode laser for the perio condition, which helps in treating disease. We are also trained in cosmetic perio procedures.

Emergency Ready

Having an oral emergency can be a very traumatizing experience, that's why our medical staff & experienced dentist is ready to help any kind of periodontal disease 24/7. No need to worry about any oral emergency.

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