Best Clear Aligners or Invisalign Treatment

When it comes to finding a robust replacement for metal braces, there are not many options that come close to aligners. When you want to have Clear Aligners Invisalign in Lahore, there are certain things that you need. Dental Aesthetics gives the patients invisible aligners or Invisalign in Pakistan.

We use a highly innovative process to treat each patient’s orthodontic problems. One of the benefits of using aligners is that you can remove them for eating. You can also clean them. An important reason why a lot of our patients consider Invisalign Braces is that they do not like to have metallic braces.

Do you dread wearing those traditional braces but know you need to get your teeth straightened at some point? What if there was a convenient way to get straight teeth and correct your bite without wired braces? What if we told you our professional team of dentists at Dental Aesthetics could offer you invisible braces? Over the last few years, dentistry has had some amazing breakthroughs. We can provide clear braces to serve the same purpose as those contemporary metal braces did. But only with a lot less hassle and difficulty.

Now, ditch your search for Clear Braces or dentists near me and talk to Dental Aesthetics today to find out if you are a suitable candidate for removable teeth aligners. We can do a simple examination and immediately determine if they are the right option for you. Furthermore, we can create a customized treatment plan to help you get the ideal Clear Aligners Invisalign before and after results.

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Straighten Your Teeth and get That Perfect Smile With Clear Aligners

If you are looking to achieve a perfect smile, we at Dental Aesthetics can help you achieve your goal. Invisalign Aligners are a relatively new orthodontic system reforming and revolutionizing tooth straightening procedures. Clear Braces/ Invisalign Aligners are nearly invisible, making them the perfect dental treatment for those self-conscious about their teeth appearance. They are custom-made to fit each patient’s mouth perfectly. Over time, teeth aligners slowly move your teeth into their proper spaces to correct improper bites and straighten crooked teeth, so you can have the perfect smile you desire.

Alignment of teeth with Aligners is simple, effective, and has a wealth of benefits for your oral health and hygiene, confidence, and appearance. The Invisalign Braces snap onto the surface of your teeth, and within a few months, you can have straighter and better-looking teeth in less time.

This clear braces treatment can be used in adjunct to Micro- Bonding, Teeth Whitening process. Alternative treatment options can include Smile Makeover, Fixed braces, Ceramic Braces or Lingual Braces. Find out more.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear Braces are a great alternative to conventionally fixed wire and bracket orthodontic treatment for teeth for teeth straightening. The Clear or Invisalign Braces treatment involves a series of Clear Aligners Invisalign that are customised and moulded to fit you for your teeth straightening. The virtually invisible aligners gradually calibrate and re-align the teeth to their correct position creating a smile you’ll be proud of.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

During your initial visit, one of our professional dental consultants at Dental Aesthetics will carry out an assessment of your mouth. At this time, they will evaluate if any threats exist to your oral condition. If a diagnosis or symptoms of gum disease, tooth infection or tooth decay have been discovered, this will need to be fixed before we continue with your planned clear braces treatment.
If there are no severe risks present, then the orthodontist will continue to take bite impressions of your teeth. These impressions will then be sent to our laboratories for processing.

Advantages of Clear Aligners

    • Effective: Using Invisalign treatment or Ensmile Clear Braces is just as effective as traditional braces. The treatment helps address issues, including underbites, overbites, gaps, and overcrowding.
    • Decrease Self-Consciousness: You do not have to wear “train track” braces and wires. Traditional metal braces can cause you to feel embarrassed  or insecur. Since Invisalign is virtually invisible, it can cause less anxiety. Read more…
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3D Orthodontic Treatment

As the first step, our orthodontists will examine your crooked teeth and plan the teeth aligning treatment. Using advanced 3D computer imaging dental technology, we will transform your bite impression into Clear Aligners. Before starting the treatment, we will discuss the complete plan with you; to ensure your confidence in the process and future results.
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Custom-fitted Clear Aligners

On your next visit, we will give you the first set of your custom-fitted Clear Aligners. They won’t irritate or cause discomfort in your mouth as the traditional metal braces do. Most likely, you will also get a few additional sets of aligners designed just for you. Until your next visit, you can wear them.
teeth scaling and polishing

Photographic Smile Analysis

You will be required to wear each set of Clear Aligners Invisalign day and night for about 2 weeks. You will need to remove them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. Usually, patients on average, complete treatment in approximately a year. You will have regular process checks throughout your treatment time, wearing clear aligners.

How Long Will Invisible Alignment Take?

The time considered to complete each treatment is dependent on the severity of the patient’s case. It can take a few appointments to exactly align teeth that are very crooked or fewer appointments for simpler correct cases. Read more…


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Are Clear Braces Effective?

This is an honest question. When Clear Braces were first introduced nearly two decades ago, they could only be used for some minor issues. Today, Clear Aligners are amongst the most effective and pain-free teeth straightening procedures available in the world. The removable and invisible aligners can correct mild to moderate, and some severe issues, similar to their metal counterparts like fixed braces or ceramic braces.


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How Do We Plan Braces Treatment?

The clear braces process starts with a free consultation where our orthodentist discusses your needs and requirements with a computerized Photographic Assessment to help you understand the possibilities. Book online today.

At this stage, we are able to assist you with probable options available to you. Read more...

Will Clear Braces Fit Your Lifestyle?

Perhaps you have one last question before you search for Clear Braces or Invisalign dentists near me. Will Clear Braces fit into your current lifestyle? The answer always is “Absolutely!” the removable and virtually invisible plastic aligners will fit right into your lifestyle. Clear Aligners Invisalign won’t interrupt it at all. You won’t have to make many changes on your end, other than making sure to wear the aligners as the orthodontist prescribes.


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