Dental Implants

Regain Your Smile with Dental Implants in Pakistan

Are you concerned about your missing teeth space at front or back? It is the best replacement option available for missing teeth. We have the perfect solution for missing teeth. There is no need to shy away while smiling or eating, we can help you regain your smile by placing dental implants on the same day.

 It does not only restore your aesthetics but functions like chewing & speech. If you are looking for the replacement of missing teeth, dental implants in Lahore gives the best option.

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What should You know about Dental Implants?

Surgical procedure at Dental Aesthetics is safe, modern and minimally invasive to provide patients with a comfortable pain-free experience. Our highly skilled implantologist will place an that will be integrated into your bone and serve as a foundation close enough to a natural tooth.

Why Implants?

It will help you best:

  • To preserve the natural features and contour of your face
  • Restore your self-esteem and help you regain age & confidence
  • Restores functioning such as chewing and mastication
  • Preserves bone

We believe that getting implants should be a standard approach for missing teeth. But, It is equally important that you contact a certified implantologist to ensure you are in safe hands. Our experienced and well-qualified team includes Dr. Shahzad Mirza a certified implantologist and Dr. Asim Naqash consultant oral & maxillofacial surgeon. They have successfully carried out over 250 dental implants and whole range of oral surgeries at Dental Aesthetics.

No matter how challenging the situation at our clinic we are here to help you out.

Keys for successful and Lifelong Implant

Moreover, the success of an implant is not only dependent on the dentist - but yourself as well. It is your responsibility to maintain your oral hygiene and cleanliness in order to avoid any complications. Thus, we also give you tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Our commitment to this work comes from the feedback that our patients give. Feel free to consult us about your queries.


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