Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are also known as the orthodontics treatment. At Dental Aesthetics we help our patients with fixed braces procedure to correct issues like underbites, overbites, and crowded teeth. In most cases, we recommend our patients with fixed braces to straighten the teeth. Fixed braces cost varies with the extent of the problems that exist in teeth alignment. The fixed braces provide you with greater control than the removable ones. 

Our experience shows that fixed braces provide more accurate results and offer greater assistance to the patients of all ages.

Fixed Braces Cost in Lahore

It is not easy to determine the fixed braces cost in Lahore. The fixed braces procedure’s complexity varies from one patient to the other. At Dental Aesthetics, we always provide our patients with a fair treatment cost. Two of the factors that determine the fixed braces cost include the length of the treatment and complexity of the procedure.

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Let us get an overview of the fixed braces treatment.

•    The first step is the initial assessment of the patient. Our expert dentist will determine the extent of the damage done and the problem areas. 

•    In the second step, the dentist looks at the initial assessment and provides the patient with various treatment options. 

•    Once it is determined, a treatment plan is devised, and the dentist will perform the fixed braces procedure. 

•    After the initial procedure, the patient is asked to come again for subsequent visits to see if there is a need for tightening the braces or replacing ligatures. 

There may involve more visits by the patient if the initial problem needs more treatment.

Why Choose Fixed Braces Procedure?

Let us have a look at why you should choose fixed braces to get your teeth alignment problems treated. 

-    There is a higher rate of success with this kind of treatment. The removable braces may sound more convenient but they depend on patient’s compliance. But not all patients will keep them in their mouth for the recommended length of time. On the contrary, fixed braces remain inside the patient’s mouth and keep doing their work. 

-    The fixed braces procedure in Lahore is a lot less complicated when compared to the other methods. You do not need to remember when you started wearing them since your dentist knows about it. 

-    The modern fixed braces are a lot more discreet consisting of clear brackets and wires of the same color as your teeth. Therefore, in most cases patients do not need elastics, making it easy for them to move their teeth more freely despite the braces. 

-    Usually, the treatment of the fixed braces is shorter. These braces help easily attain the desired alignment, which is not always possible with the variable or removable aligners.

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