Gum Disease Laser Treatment

Gum laser treatment is perfectly safe and if you are considering undergoing it, you can get in touch with Dental Aesthetics. Unlike the common notion, this procedure is painless and a technologically advanced dental clinic like Dental Aesthetics can help you undergo this treatment without any problem. Patients need to consider that advancement in dental laser technology has made it possible for dentists to accomplish tasks not possible using traditional methods. The use of dental laser technology enables patients to get their gums treated in a way not possible with the traditional methods. Use of laser ensures minimal or no pain.

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Why Undergo Gum Disease Treatment in Lahore?

Here is why you need to consider undergoing gum disease laser treatment in Lahore.

Unlike the traditional methods of treatment, this approach is a lot more convenient for the patient, involving almost no pain. The use of minimally invasive procedures ensures reduced levels of discomfort after the patient undergoes the treatment. One of the reasons for less pain after treatment is because there involves no stitches or cuts.

Since there are no stitches, you need to spend less time in recovery. Unlike the scalpel operations in the past which would take anywhere from two to four weeks for the patient to fully recover, this method’s recovery only takes one to two days before the patient can fully recover from the gum disease laser treatment. Thus, once you decide to have laser treatment for gum disease in Lahore, you would be able to resume your daily routine.

Your gums remain intact, which is not the case when undergoing a scalpel surgery, thus there involves no shrinking of the tissue, ensuring no damage to the gums. There is no need for foreign growth materials since the recovery process uses the healing power of your body.


The gum disease laser treatment at Dental Aesthetics involves a probe by a specialist, which helps measure the depth of the bone loss. Tartar is removed using special and safe methods. Laser plays a key role in the complete laser gum disease treatment.

Complete Care

Patient care is the top priority for us. Therefore, when you first visit Dental Aesthetics, you will be guided about the entire procedure. You would also be given instructions to take care of yourself after undergoing treatment for gum disease in Lahore.

Modern Equipment

We ensure complete care given to the patient. Our treatment focuses on minimizing or avoiding the need for any dental anaesthesia. The use of latest equipment helps us rely on minimally invasive techniques to help the patient quickly return to their routine life.

Emergency Ready

Dental Aesthetics can take care of all types of emergencies relating to gum disease treatment. If you want emergency treatment of gum disease in Lahore, you need to get in touch with us. We can immediately help overcome bleeding, swelling, or loose teeth.

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