Need for Root Planing for Removing Etiologic Events

One of the primary reasons behind root planing in Lahore is the removal of the etiologic agents. If not removed, these agents can cause inflammation to the gum tissue and the area around the bone. Removal of Dental plaque and calculus is the primary factor that helps in the treatment of root planning in Pakistan. Root planning cost depends on the extent to which the patient has to undergo the treatment. However, this procedure is non-surgical, which helps completely removal of the causative factors and leading to healthy periodontium and is highly recommended for patients with periodontal disease.

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What Should You Know About It?

One of the vital parts of our overall health is healthy teeth and gums. Root planning in Lahore by Dental Aesthetics aims to give personal attention and care to the requirements of each patient. Our dental team works hard to give you a healthier, germ-free mouth. The dentist will discuss with you the root planning cost and accordingly schedule the treatment over time. Don’t let small oral health issues spiral out of control to cause bigger problems for your well-being.

Affordable Root Planing

We strongly believe in offering services that are affordable for our patients. There is no single way to determine the cost of root planning in Lahore. However, the costs depend on the amount of tartar and plaque present. Dental scaling becomes necessary when there is a plaque on root surfaces. Our expert dentist will examine your smile to determine and share an accurate cost estimate.


A periodontist has 4 additional years of training & education after completing the bachelor of dental surgery. We are experts, equipped with the latest techniques for diagnosing patients with gums disease.

Complete Care

We have complete periodontal treatment which includes the gingiva - gums, alveolar bone, cementum, & periodontic ligament. We offer bone grafting, sinus lift, and full mouth rehab with dental implants.

Modern Equipment

Our team are experts, equipped with the latest techniques for diagnosing patients with gums disease. We have diode laser for the perio condition, which helps in treating disease. We are also trained in cosmetic perio procedures.

Emergency Ready

Having an oral emergency can be a very traumatizing experience, that's why our medical staff & experienced dentist is ready to help any kind of periodontal disease 24/7. No need to worry about any oral emergency.

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