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Supermodel Smile

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 Supermodel Smile

Teeth alignment with a beautiful smile line is the best secret to your beauty

Supermodel Smile
Gummy Smile

If you got gummy smile or you are concerned with shape of your teeth or you are not satisfied with the way you smile solution for all of these problems is dealt under Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry emphasizes on complete smile makeover of a patient with the assessment of overall appearance of teeth and smile. For a beautiful attractive smile we offer cosmetic procedures which suits you

Teeth Whitening

This procedure whitens the discolored teeth. With the help of bleaching 3 4 shades lighter teeth are achieved.

Teeth alignment

Orthodontic Treatment

If you got crooked teeth solution for that is Fixed orthodontic treatment Invisible braces also called as aligners. Depending upon the extent of Malalignment.

Teeth alignment solutions
Orthodontic Treatment 2

Crown lengthening Procedure / Gum Contouring

In case of gummy smile, gum is contoured using Laser and coronal part of teeth is made visible by removing excess gum


Gum Depigmentation

If you are hesitant to smile because of your darkly stained gums solution for that is Gum depigmentation that is removing the darker pigmented layer of gums and exposing pink layer that is rich in blood supply

Gum 2

Lip Augmentation

You got thin lips that’s not an issue can be resolved by lip fillers Plummer lips are gained by few shots of fillers



  • It is considered in case of
  • Chipped teeth
  • Discoloration (due to erosion, fluorosis)
  • Traumatic bite of patient
  • Gaps between teeth / Diastema

Replacement procedures; implants, Snap On Smile

Snap on Smile:
A non-invasive, cosmetic removal arch that can be worn by patients to give a beautiful smile


  • Thin and strong natural looking
  • No drilling
  • No injection
  • No change in tooth structure
  • Less number of visits
Snap Smile

It fits right over your natural teeth without any pain and discomfort and a comfortable alternative to a removable prosthesis

Anyone who would like a Hollywood Smile this serves as an easy painless lifelong solution available for both lower and upper arch


Snap On Smile

At Dental Aesthetics our specialists provide full mouth rehabilitation in which the patients regain a beautiful smile.We provide our patients with all possible treatment options and help them understand our treatment planning with the aid of extra oral and intra oral pictures and set of Xrays

If you are hesitant to smile in public and you are not satisfied with your teeth shade or shape what are you waiting for book an appointment with our team of specialists.

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