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Looking For Comprehensive Teeth Polishing Services In Pakistan?

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 Looking For Comprehensive Teeth Polishing Services In Pakistan?

Tired of seeing those yellow stains on your teeth? Well, there is some good news for you. We at Dental Aesthetics now offer Teeth Polishing Services in Pakistan that improve the aesthetics of a smile. Teeth Polishing – often known as Dental Polishing is a dental cleaning process where we scrape off the plaque and tartar build-up around teeth and polish them next.

Normally, we polish the teeth using a coarse paste in a rubber cup which is attached with a rotating tool. The tool is run along the teeth to remove the stains and plaque. Another way we polish teeth is by combining water jet and air. The latter way is less invasive, helps remove deeper stains, and is more suitable for patients with sensitive teeth. Often, people in Pakistan skip getting their teeth polished. BUT, they miss out on a lot of benefits associated with the procedure. Want to know all those benefits? Keep on reading the blog, we have them covered right below!

Benefits Of Our Teeth Polishing Services In Pakistan

Teeth Scaling and Polishing can help prevent many dental issues, from tartar and plaque build-up to the growth of harmful oral bacteria. If you are about to get your teeth polished and need some more convincing, read through the benefits below.

·         Remove Plaque Build-Up

Plaque and tartar build-up around teeth even after regular brushing and flossing them – because food particles remain in gaps between teeth. However, by getting your teeth scaled and polished by us at Dental Aesthetics every six months, you can maintain good oral health. Not only will remove the plaque and tartar build-up but also polish your teeth to keep them plaque-free for a long time.

Teeth Polishing Services In Pakistan

·         Protect Dental Enamel

Tooth enamel is a layer on the surface of our teeth that helps protect the sensitive parts of the tooth below. When tooth enamel damages, it cannot be replaced. Hence, with Dental Scaling and Polishing, protect the dental enamel on your teeth and reduce plaque build-up that causes enamel eruption.

·         Prevent Oral Bacteria

As we have mentioned before, the Teeth Polishing Services in Pakistan that we provide at Dental Aesthetics help remove plaque and tartar – which cause harmful oral bacteria to grow. While these bacteria do grow back if you do not get teeth scaled and polished twice or thrice a year, once undergone, the treatment does prevent oral bacteria from growing in the mouth.

·         Low Risk Of Gum Diseases

The build-up of plaque and tartar around teeth leads to severe gum diseases in worst-case scenarios, where they are not removed in time. They also provide bacteria a way to get between your gums and teeth. However, when you get it all removed, the chances of developing periodontitis and other gum diseases are lowered.

Teeth Polishing Services In Pakistan

·         Keep Bad Breath Away

Oral bacteria and plaque build-up can result in bad breath, which is a nightmare for all of us. Want to prevent it before it starts affecting your self-confidence at work and in social gatherings? Get your teeth scaled and polished to reduce the overall production of bacteria and beat bad breath. 

·         Improve Teeth Appearance

There is no doubt about the fact that teeth look brighter and shiny after getting them scaled and polished. Why? Because when we polish teeth at Dental Aesthetics, we remove the tough stains from above the teeth only, which are otherwise difficult to remove. Moreover, if you want a more dramatic appearance for your teeth, pair up teeth scaling and polishing with other dental services too – from whitening to Porcelain Veneers, Braces, and more.

What Is The Teeth Polishing Cost?

Teeth Scaling and Polishing Cost varies from one patient to another. While for some, teeth polishing is the only procedure we carry out. However, for others, some other treatments might follow with other dental treatments to give the patient a healthy and bright smile. Hence, before you give us a call to know the cost, we suggest visiting our dental clinic in DHA Lahore. One of our dentists will first analyze your teeth and oral health and then suggest your treatment options. So, all in all, the treatment cost depends on your teeth and oral health – and of course, how well you take care of them.

Get Your Teeth Polished At Dental Aesthetics!

The benefits of teeth polishing have convinced you to undergo the procedure? Well then, let us tell you that teeth polishing alone cannot keep you from developing gum diseases and cavities. However, it still helps with maintaining good daily oral hygiene and keeping teeth bright white. If you are ready to get your teeth cleaned and polished, now is the time to visit us at Dental Aesthetics. Book an appointment with us TODAY or visit our dental clinic in DHA Lahore. We will be more than happy to help you maintain the best oral health.

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