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Teeth Scaling Cost In Pakistan

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 Teeth Scaling Cost In Pakistan

The Teeth Scaling Cost In Pakistan

Pearly white teeth are an important part of a person’s personality as they make up a gorgeous smile. However, keeping teeth healthy and clean is difficult with flossing and brushing alone. Hence, to prevent gum diseases and tooth decay, we suggest getting your teeth scaled at Dental Aesthetics to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We have the latest scaling tools and equipment at our dental clinic that helps remove stubborn stains and build-up of plaque around gums and teeth. But before you book with us for your Dental Scaling and Polishing, we want you to know everything about the procedure.

What Is Teeth Scaling?

Teeth scaling is a dental procedure we carry out for cleaning the teeth and gums of our patients. Most of us never notice that the food particles that remain in our mouth build-up as plaque and tartar around our teeth which cannot be removed by flossing and brushing along. To get rid of the build-up around your teeth you need to undergo a Teeth Scaling with an ultrasonic device that we use at Dental Aesthetics. Overall, the procedure is quick, pain-free, and just requires a few visits at our clinic in DHA, Lahore.

Why Is Teeth Scaling Important?

One of the major reasons for Teeth Scaling being important is plaque. Whenever you brush your teeth, they get covered with the proteins found in your saliva. Thus, allowing bacteria to stick around your teeth and gums to cause cavities and other gum diseases. Not only does this damage your teeth and gums but can also cause a serious issue we all dread – Bad Breath.

As time passes, the bacteria in your mouth continues to grow and eventually harden to take the shape of calculus that is extremely hard to remove with regular brushing. As it builds-up in places where a toothbrush cannot reach, even a spot-on brushing technique does not help.

Now, if you leave the calculus unattended and skip the idea of visiting a dentist to get it removes, it can cause tooth decay, gum bleeding, and gum recession. The end? You will have to undergo an expensive dental treatment to fix all the damage done to your teeth. Hence, our renowned orthodontist Dr. Shahzad Mirza suggests, get your teeth scaled twice a year.

The Benefits Of Teeth Scaling

Teeth scaling has countless benefits for all those who suffer from gum diseases. It is a preventive measure of many dental problems that might lead to costlier dental treatments. Some of the major benefits of teeth scaling include:

  • It prevents gum diseases by getting your gums back on track and scrapping off the hard to remove plaque build-up.
  • As plaque and tartar cause tooth decay and infections, there are chances of losing a tooth, but with teeth scaling, you can prevent experiencing such dental conditions.
  • Even though patients do experience slight discomfort and pain during the first few days after teeth scaling, generally, it lessens very quickly.

How We Perform The Teeth Scaling Procedure?

Before starting the Teeth Scaling procedure, our dentists at Dental Aesthetics thoroughly assess the dental health of the patient’s teeth and gums. During the evaluation, our dentist places a probe between the teeth and gums of the patients to check the severity of inflammations and depth of the plaque build-up.

Next, to ensure pain-free scaling, our dentists initiate the procedure by using local anesthesia. Once they are sure that the anesthesia is working, they start removing the calculus and plaque build-up from around the teeth using ultrasonic equipment.

Following a thorough scaling, the surface of the teeth is smoothened to prevent further build-up of plaque. Also, we end off the Teeth Scaling process by polishing the patient’s teeth as Scaling and Whitening is a perfect duo that gives a finishing look to the overall smile.

How Does It Feel After Teeth Scaling?

Post teeth scaling, a patient might experience discomfort in their mouth or slightly bleeding gums as the procedure involves removing plaque and tartar with ultrasonic equipment. Generally, we do prescribe a few pain-killers to our patients for reducing the pain and discomfort.

Moreover, we might also prescribe some antibiotics to the patient if we discover that the plaque and tartar had caused a periodontal infection in their gums. Other than that, we will have you over at our clinic for dental follow-ups to check on the status of your teeth and gums post teeth scaling. All in all, it is quite a pain-free and quick procedure that gets the best results and obviously – a gorgeous smile!

Care Guidelines To Follow After Teeth Scaling

Even after you have got rid of the plaque and tartar build-up with teeth scaling, you need to follow some care guidelines to ensure that your teeth heal in time. Our dentists at Dental Aesthetics suggest to;

  • Brush teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Replace your toothbrush frequently
  • Adapt the habit of flossing regularly
  • Use a good quality mouthwash
  • Floss regularly
  • Use a mouthwash
  • Rinse mouth with warm saline (a mixture of water and salt)

Book Your Consultation With Us!

Now that you know everything about teeth scaling and its benefits, you might as well want to know the Teeth Scaling Price in Lahore? Normally, the Teeth Scaling and Polishing Cost in Pakistan varies from patient to patient. It all depends on the complexity and severity of their dental condition. Hence, we suggest – Book a consultation with us at Dental Aesthetics to know how much will it cost you to get your teeth scaled.

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