Teeth Whitening For Beautiful Smile


Teeth discolor with aging in an average person’s life. It is quite normal for teeth to become yellow, stained or even black with good oral hygiene care. For teeth to become whiter or lighter shade teeth whitening is now one of the most common aesthetic dental treatments. This procedure turns back the clock on discoloration and aging sign that makes you more confident, attractive with pearly white teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Office vs. Home whitening kits OTC?

Dental Whitening procedure is carried out in Dental practice by the Dentist, which gives quick instant results. On the contrary, home whitening treatment available from the dentist gives good results in 10 to 15 days after daily wear of retainer containing whitening gel. Mostly recommendations for home whitening are to be followed by Whitening done at Dental Practice. It achieves the desired result which lasts longer and if any darker changes to shade can be achieved back by simply using the home bleach.

Over the counter products differ & results may vary, In addition, using over the counter products without dentist’s advice and improper handling can damage teeth and soft tissue. At Dental Practice, the dentist clinically evaluates and advices what is best suited for an individual’s need and requirement.

Teeth whitening treatment for everyone?

Teeth whitening may not be a suitable option for everyone as the dentist offers this procedure to suitable candidates because it is important to receive a full dental evaluation for any hypersensitivity to teeth due to any underlying dental disease.

Dental whitening in patients with crowns, bridges, tooth decay, highly sensitive teeth, fluorosis, is not suitable and will not provide the desired results. Therefore, every individual should consult their dentist for teeth whitening procedures.

Teeth Whitening 2 Before After

What do I expect from teeth whitening procedure?

Teeth’s whitening is a procedure dependent on various factors for desired white long lasting results. As research teeth whitening results are best achieved when done with Halogen or laser.  The whitening gel used with hydrogen peroxide percentage also determines the results. Whitening carried out as mentioned would have an upward cycle for at least one month. The desired results last for 4 to 6 months. The initial visit can observe shade difference of 3 to 5 shades lighter than current teeth shade. The complete procedure takes 30-45 minutes with 3 repeated cycles. For information on Teeth Whitening, its procedure, results please call, write or email us at Dental Aesthetics.

Enjoy brighten smile with your pearly whites