Teeth Whitening Lahore in Single Visit

Teeth Whitening has become popular cosmetic treatment all over the world.The awareness of Cosmetic dentistry among people has grown with a demand for whiter teeth. Teeth are integral part of a smile. Having dark stained yellow teeth is not socialy aceptable. Teeth whitening is the most economical dental procedure to improve smile. It makes the shade lighter and whiter making your smile visible and attractive. We offer the best teeth whitening services , dr shahzad mirza an aesthetics and cosmetic dentist has been trained to improve smiles. he has treated over 250 patients with smile makeover by simple procedure. Smile lift is the best facelift.

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Our specialists make your teeth 6 to 7 shades more whiter then before. You will smile with confidence and get better appearance. Dentists are specializes in making your smile a unique one which looks good on you by simply enhancing positives about your smile.

Complete Care

Having dark stained yellow teeth is not socially good. Tooth whitening is the most economic aesthetic dental procedure to improve your smile. Scaling, polishing for removing stains and debris from the tooth surface. We carry out for a lighter whiter smile.

Modern Equipment

We are providing best brighter treatment with state of the art equipment for any cosmetic and aesthetic procedure. Complete after care is also provided to our patients. Laser teeth whitening is a highly effective fast way to whiten your teeth.

Emergency Ready

Having a oral emergency can be a very traumatizing experience, that's why our medical staff & experienced dentist is ready to help 24-7. No need to worry about any dental emergency.

Get Hollywood Smile in Pakistan

What should you know?

We offer best teeth whitening procedure in Lahore, Pakistan. It is offered to all of our patients who are looking to smile with confidence. It is done at dental clinic in one visit ,we also advice our patients to top it up with home bleach to further improve the shade. The home bleach kit is do it yourself at home which will improve and further lighten your teeth. A record of your current teeth shade is taken. Teeth are polished with a grainy material called Pumice to remove any plaque on the surface. A retractor is fitted to keep the lips, tongue, and inner wall of the cheeks away from Gel Barrier is placed to keep the gum secured away from the whitening gel.

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