Temporomandibular (TMJ) Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan

Temporomandibular joint disorder, it occurs when there is an irregularity with the joint. There is pain while opening or closing of the jaw. The joint may lock the jaw, causing inability to open with severe pain. TMJ pain does not go away on its own. The need for consultation is important for correct cause & diagnoses. Without treatment pain can worsen, leading to a chronic stage that may require surgical intervention. Making a visit to the dentist for referrals to a specialist for treatment. The treatment is not very expensive unless it becomes surgical.

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Symptoms and Causes

Temporomandibular Joint Pain Dental Aesthetics

There are vague symptoms of TMJ pain.  It is a complex structure compromising of bony joint, muscles & tendons attached. TMJ pain could be muscular or joint related pain. Symptoms included pain around the jaw joint, clicking, and popping sound in ear, headache. Sometimes the jaw locks while opening which needs to be treated in emergency by a dentist.

Cause that may add to TMJ disorder is traumatic occlusion or loss of support of back Teeth, Habitual teeth grinding, clenching, poor posture, & stress can also play its part in TMJ disorder. There are other causes as genetic hormonal and environmental as well. The symptom of pain lockjaw, clicking or popping sound should be consulted with the dentist. There are home remedies used which could only help in the temporary phase.

TMJ is the joint that connects jaw to the skull with muscles attached. When the joint is injured damaged or muscle is affected it leads to localized pain radiating to ear and head. The joint acts like a sliding hinge, connecting jaw bone to the skull. We have a joint on each side mostly one of them is affected.

How is TMJ Diagnosed?

Diagnoses is an important step before treatment. This is now acknowledged, standard evaluation to identify the correct cause. The specialist pain management trained dentist or maxillofacial surgeon trained in pain management can correctly diagnose and give treatment options. Other dental conditions, such as a toothache or sinus issues, can cause similar pain.

Mentally & physically activities also add to TMJ related pain. Researchers are additionally investigating how social, mental and physical elements may consolidate to cause TMD. In most of the cases, one side is affected, a complete history of the patient is vital part of diagnoses which then leads to a physical clinical examination, and it gives helpful information in correct diagnosing of TMPD. The specialist after clinical and radiographic assessment along with the cast of your teeth to check occlusion derives to an initial diagnosis. Initial lines of treatment are mostly conservative 2 to 3 weeks of medication with prescription, jaw exercise and localized massage therapy. The second stage treatment depends on how the patient has improved with the initial symptoms.

Management of TMD:

The TMD pain management is a vital part of treatment. The correct diagnosis leading to conservative and surgical intervention by a trained specialist is important.  In general, nonsurgical and surgical approaches are only advised if required. Most important part is getting help from best dentist who can either diagnose & refer to the specialist. For any advice on TMPD, please free to write or speak to our trained Pain management consultant.

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