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Why Is Tooth Extraction Treatment Necessary?

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 Why Is Tooth Extraction Treatment Necessary?

The goal of every restorative dental treatment is to help people avoid losing teeth that are damaged or infected. However, in some dental cases, restoring is not an option, such as when a tooth is broken below the gum line or a wisdom tooth is impacted. When this happens, we at Dental Aesthetics consider Tooth Extraction Treatment as the safest option because leaving the damaged teeth in place can cause even more dental problems. Want to know when is the treatment necessary before you walk in at our clinic to get your damaged tooth extracted? Keep on reading the blog, we have your concerns covered!

5 Reasons Why You Should Resort To Tooth Extraction Treatment

Humans have two sets of teeth. Milk teeth – the ones that fall off at a certain age, and permanent teeth – that last a lifetime. However, a Wisdom Tooth Extraction or other teeth extraction might be necessary in the following cases:

1. Severe Tooth Decay

We suggest patients to undergo Tooth Extraction Treatment when the decay reaches the center of the tooth, which is the tooth pulp. Are you thinking about why it is necessary to extract the tooth? Well, in case the decaying tooth is left as it is, the bacteria produced by it can invade the tooth pulp and cause severe gum infections. Though before the extraction, our dentists at Dental Aesthetics first examine the affected tooth and recommend the best possible solution – which can be root canal treatment or extraction. In any situation, we ensure that the treatment is safe, pain-free, and comfortable for the patient.

2. Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseases are infections of the gums, bones in the mouth, and other structures around the teeth that are caused by plaque and bacteria formed around teeth. The early stage of such diseases is gingivitis, which is a gum infection. The more severe kind of this disease affects the alveolar bone of the mouth and the periodontal ligaments – leading to tooth decay.  When this happens, getting the tooth extracted is the best dental treatment option. If your oral health is getting affected by any such disease and there is a chance of losing a tooth, visit our dental clinic in DHA, Lahore. According to your oral health, we will perform a tooth extraction or periodontal therapy and ensure good oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

3. Prevent Teeth From Impact

Teeth are impacted when they are blocked from coming out of the gums or when the gums do not erupt fully – which is normally a case of wisdom teeth. If a patient comes up with a similar dental problem to us, we opt for tooth extraction as it prevents other teeth around from getting impacted. Thus, lowering the risk of overpowering and infections.

At Dental Aesthetics, our dentists are committed to providing exceptional extraction of impacted teeth. They make sure that the affected area is thoroughly examined before recommending tooth extraction and performing the procedure.

4. Eliminate Teeth Overcrowding

Extracting one or more teeth is necessary sometimes to eliminate the overcrowding of teeth in the mouth. We also recommend this kind of extraction when a patient is about to undergo any kind of orthodontic treatment and there is no room for the teeth to get aligned or move. An orthodontist at our dental clinic first checks how crowded the teeth are and if there is enough space for them to move and get aligned. For instance, if a patient is getting braces, we recommend getting a tooth extracted first if there is no enough space for them to straighten.

Tooth Extraction Cost in Pakistan

5. Post-Accident

If a patient has gone through an accident and this has chipped or cracked the teeth, the first thing we do is preserve them. When not much damage is done, we might recommend Porcelain Veneers, Dental Implants, or Bridges to prevent tooth loss. However, if the dental damage is dreadful, tooth extraction is the only option to maintain good oral health. Though do not hush away the idea of getting a damaged tooth extracted thinking that it would cost you a fortune, as the Tooth Extraction Cost in Pakistan is reasonably affordable for everyone.

The Tooth Extraction Treatment Procedure

Before beginning the tooth extraction procedure at Dental Aesthetics, we first thoroughly check the gums, teeth, and oral health to make it comfortable and less painful for the patient. After that, we numb the area where the tooth is to be extracted from because the comfort of the patient is our priority.  Once the area is numb, we follow any of these two tooth extraction procedures:

·   Simple Extraction

It is a type of extraction that we usually perform on teeth that are clearly visible in the mouth and is performed under local anesthesia.  

·    Surgical Extraction

These extractions are performed when it is not possible to access the affected teeth easily. Normally, this happens when the teeth have not erupted fully or when it has broken inside the gum line. For this procedure, we perform incisions also to elevate the soft tissues that cover teeth.

Tooth Extraction Price in Pakistan

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Tooth extraction is considered the last option to prevent a severely decaying tooth from causing severe diseases and affecting oral health. Confused about whether tooth extraction is your dental treatment option? Consulting with us at Dental Aesthetics can help you understand if you need an extraction and WHY. Give us a call TODAY to book with us for a consultation session and get treated at an affordable Tooth Extraction Price in Pakistan.

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