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What Are The Tooth Polishing Benefits?

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 What Are The Tooth Polishing Benefits?

Tooth Polishing has forever been a part of the dental checkup routine for most of our patients. One of the notable Tooth Polishing Benefits is how clean and smooth teeth feel after the procedure, and yes, how can we forget mentioning that pearly shine your teeth will get. You have not gotten your teeth polished in a while? We assume that your teeth might have gone a shade yellow-er. Undergoing a Tooth Polishing Procedure is your solution to achieve shiny white teeth once again.

In dentistry, Tooth Polishing is referred to as the process of smoothing out the exposed surface of the tooth using a dental tool – to give them a shine. We at Dental Aesthetics recommend every patient of ours to get teeth polished regularly because of the following benefits:

1.  Prevents Cavities

No matter how well you brush and floss your teeth regularly, plaque always builds up. And what is worst is that if the plaque is not removed on time, it can eat away the tooth enamel. Thus, leading to cavities and tooth decay. But, if you get your tooth polished regularly and get rid of the plaque, your teeth will remain shiny and healthy for a lifetime.

2.  Stops Tooth Loss

Our dentists at Dental Aesthetics consider tooth polishing as a Gum Disease Treatment which cures diseases caused by accumulating plaque. In extreme cases, accumulation of plaque can also lead to tooth loss, and severe gum diseases can destruct the supporting bones in the jaw. The consequence? Your teeth will loosen and ultimately fall out, which is a nightmare. So why not reduce the chances of this happening by getting your teeth polished regularly? Rest guaranteed, once you undergo the procedure, the Tooth Polishing Benefits will be obvious.

Easy 3.  Bad Breath? No More After Tooth Polishing!

The last thing you would want is someone coming forward to hug you and you have to turn around because of BAD BREATH? Well, we have an answer to your concern – Tooth Polishing, as just brushing and flossing your teeth is not enough. By getting your teeth polished, you can keep your mouth odor-free and ensure good oral health.

4.  Brightened Smile

Foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, and berries can leave annoying stains on your teeth, which can probably affect your self-esteem and confidence. With tooth polishing, you can get all those built-up stains removed to achieve a brighter and whiter smile.

5.  Boosts Oral Health And Overall Health

Oral health and overall health have a deep connection. For example, regularly getting your teeth polished helps reduce many diseases, which at times are life-threatening. When you visit our clinic in DHA for getting your teeth polished, we can help you detect diseases at an early stage by simply analyzing your oral health.

What Happens During The Tooth Polishing Procedure?

Now that you know about all the Tooth Polishing Benefits, let us give you a quick review of what happens when a patient visits our clinic for tooth polishing. The point behind providing this treatment is removing the tartar and plaque build-up that accumulate teeth. If not removed on time, this built-up can lead to cavities and other gum diseases.

When giving our patients a tooth polish, we initially go after the most stubborn build-up with an ultrasonic tool. The tool uses the power of mild vibrations to break up the tartar and flush it away with water. Next, we use hand tools to remove the build-up from smaller spots and give the patient’s teeth a smoother feel.

After cleaning the patient’s teeth thoroughly and removing the plaque build-up completely, we move forward to polishing. Mostly, we do polishing using a tiny rubber cup that spins on the end of a wand. Before polishing, one of our dentists applied a Tooth Polishing Paste onto the rubber cup. In terms of texture, this toothpaste is a gritty version of a normal toothpaste, which when applied onto the teeth using a spinning rubber cup polishes teeth and removes stains.

The Myths of Tooth Polishing

Presently, the primary purpose of tooth polishing is to remove teeth stains. However, in the past, it was believed that getting teeth polished lead to making them smooth and hard for bacteria to build-up. Turns out, the removal of plaque and tartar using ultrasonic devices during a dental visit is what really helps in stopping bacteria from building up. Plus of course, the daily hygiene routine, which is a MUST to follow.

While getting teeth polished does help in smoothing the surface of the teeth, we believe that it makes a HUGE difference in preventing gum diseases and tooth decay too. Every Tooth Polishing Dentist at Dental Aesthetics considers polishing as a procedure that gives patients a bright and healthy smile.

Though there is also another side to the story – we do not always polish all the teeth of a patient. In some dental cases, we do selective teeth polishing, in which only certain teeth are polished, such as those with tough yellow stains. So while teeth polishing is certainly the best option to get perfectly smooth teeth, there is nothing to worry about if all your teeth are not polished. Rest promised you will not get any surprises. The entire treatment will be discussed with you beforehand when you first visit our clinic. If you have any more questions about how much will Teeth Polishing Cost you or the procedure, feel free to give us a call and book our appointment with us!


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