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What Are The Benefits Of Dental Scaling And Polishing?

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 What Are The Benefits Of Dental Scaling And Polishing?

Every human gets new teeth twice during their lifetime. After the milk teeth fall off, the permanent teeth erupt that last for a lifetime. However, if they are not taken care of well, the damage done to them is permanent. Worried because your teeth are already discoloured, stained and yellow-shaded? By undergoing the Dental Scaling and Polishing procedure at Dental Aesthetics, you can bring back the original shade of your teeth. 

6 Benefits Of Dental Scaling And Polishing

Also, if you have been hushing away the idea of getting any dental treatment, know that prevention is better than cure. Rather than spending a fortune on multiple treatments, why not undergo one single procedure and prevent further problems? BUT, before you undergo the treatment, let us take you through its benefits covered right below! 

1. Cavities And Tooth Decay

One reason why people usually visit our dental clinic is for getting cavities treated. They are holes that form in the teeth when plaque starts eating the enamel – the outer layer of the teeth. Plaque is bacteria in the form of sticky white deposits around the teeth. Even though flossing and brushing teeth twice a day helps prevent plaque buildup, getting professional Dental Scaling and Polishing every six months is more effective. 

Dr. Shahzad Mirza of the Dental Aesthetics says – When plaque stays on teeth for a long time, it turns into tartar and starts eating the enamel. During regular dental checkups, we identify this build-up of tartar and remove it using teeth scaling device. 

Dental Scaling and Polishing

2. Gum Diseases 

Plaque does not only decay teeth but also damaged the gums when build-up below the gum line. If increased to a risky level, it can lead to gum diseases – and eventually tooth loss. However, fortunately, at the most affordable Dental Scaling and Polishing Price, you can get the build-up cleaned at our clinic and prevent gum diseases. 

3. Teeth Stains 

Almost everyone has a habit of drinking tea and coffee daily to start off their mornings. Also, some are tea-holics who can go on to drink several cups in a day. Well, this might sound disheartening, but this habit causes teeth stains. Some of the stains can be removed by regular brushing, but the stubborn ones remain. Moreover, people who smoke also go through the problem of having stains on their teeth. Whatever the reason is, our dentists can remove the stains by polishing and scaling teeth – to brighten up your smile. 

4.  Bad Breath 

Maintaining effective oral hygiene habits is one of the best ways to prevent chronic bad breath. We agree, regularly brushing and flossing is a good way to maintain one, but they alone are of no help if someone has underlying dental issues like plaque and tartar build-up. It is a crusty and hard deposit that forms around the teeth, traps bacteria, and stains them. 

Patients with such dental conditions usually struggle with bad breath even after taking good care of their brushing and flossing routine – which is quite embarrassing. If you are experiencing the same, restore your confidence in smiling wide and freshen your breath with Dental Scaling and Polishing

Dental Scaling and Polishing

5.  Overall Health 

You probably would have never realized, but the health of your teeth and mouth affects the overall body health. We know that this sounds odd, but undergoing the teeth scaling and polishing procedure regularly can help in lowering the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Medically, chronic inflammation is associates with gum diseases and can lead to the hardening of arteries – which can cause a stroke or heart attack in the worst case. Moreover, diseases that seem unrelated to dental conditions like diabetes and kidney diseases can be detected at an early stage during teeth scaling and polishing at Dental Aesthetics

6.  Save Money 

Unfortunately, one of the many reasons people skip getting teeth scaled and polished routinely is to save money. However, what they do not notice is that the Scale and Polish Teeth Price is far less than what they would have to pay for restorative dental treatments. As said before, prevention is better than cure. Similarly, undergoing the teeth scaling and polishing procedure means taking preventive measures – to avoid costly and painful dental treatments. 

Scale and Polish Teeth Price

Book Your Appointment NOW! 

Teeth scaling and polishing is a non-invasive dental treatment that results in smooth, pearly white, and bacteria-free teeth. Usually, we see people trying to scale and polish teeth using kits available over the counter. However, we do not recommend doing so – because why take the risk of doing any kind of harm to your teeth or smile? 

We provide teeth scaling and polishing treatment at Dental Aesthetics to both adults and children. All you have to do to achieve a million-dollar smile is contact us TODAY. We will arrange an appointment for you, answer your queries related to the treatment – and then provide the treatment to help you regain confidence in smiling wide. 

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