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What Are The Benefits Of Getting Hydrafacial Treatment In Lahore?

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 What Are The Benefits Of Getting Hydrafacial Treatment In Lahore?

Pampering the skin is a FAVOURITE for everyone, especially women. If you are feeling like your skin needs some professional care that does not involve the use of harsh chemicals? Getting a Hydrafacial Treatment in Lahore is the best option to give your skin that special treatment. We understand, clogged pores, rough and dull skin, breakouts – they can all get frustrating. However, with the Hydrafacial treatment that we provide at Dental Aesthetics, you can experience a visible glow on your skin.

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive treatment combining cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. Thinking of undergoing the treatment but confused about if it is actually worth the results? Right below, we have covered all the benefits of the treatment to convince you – give them a read!

Best Hydrafacial in Lahore

1. Deep Cleaned Skin

Normally, to flaunt healthy-looking skin, people cleanse it twice a day with different skincare products. Probably, you also have a shelf full of toners, cleansers, wipes, ointments, and essential oils. However, even if you follow a strict skincare routine, the results of the Best Hydrafacial in Lahore are not comparable. It deep cleans all the makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells stuck on your skin and its pores. When providing the treatment at Dental Aesthetics, we use a pore cleaning vacuum that deep cleanses skin and leaves it looking oh-so-flawless.

2. Skin Detoxification

The six-step Hydrafacial Treatment in Lahore starts with Lymphatic Draining. We perform this part of the treatment by using a glass device. The special device uses light pressure along with gentle rheumatic strokes on the skin. It increases the flow of lymph liquid in the body, as well as reduces the toxins in the skin pores.

3. Undereye Puffiness

Disturbed sleeping patterns, stress, tiredness – all these signs can be noticed from a person’s undereye. More than 80% of the population in Pakistan suffers from undereye puffiness at some point in their life pretty much every day.

With this regular tiredness and puffiness, the muscles surrounding the eyes supporting the tissues get weak. The worst that can happen is the weakness leading to saggy undereye skin. Well, the exciting news here is that by getting Hydrafacial in DHA Lahore, you can get rid of it. All you have to do is book your appointment for the treatment at Dental Aesthetics, and let us bring out our skin’s glow in just one day.

4. Less Pores Congestion

When bacteria, pollution, leftover, and other impurities get stuck in the pores of the skin and cause acne. Even if you clean your skin regularly, something will still be left, no matter which skin cleansing products you use. Whether it’s a special organic face soap, deep cleansing face wash, toner, or a nose strip, no product can reach the pores as effectively as Hydrafacial.

On getting the Hydrafacial Treatment in Lahore at Dental Aesthetics, skin experts will open up the congested pores on your skin with suction technology and exfoliate them with salicylic acid. Once the skin softens and is ready to get cleaned, the pores are cleared out with suction and leave the skin perfectly clean.

5. Deep Skin Hydration

As the name highlights, Hydrafacial is a treatment that deeply moisturizes the skin. To hydrate the skin, we use a special solution full of Vitamins that add life to dull and dry skin. These serums and solutions are customized according to the skin of the patient and whatever it is lacking to glow and appear healthy. The custom-made serum is applied onto the tip of the Hydrafacial device and then penetrated deep into the skin to hydrate it. So, if you are worried about your skin looking dull and dry all day long and no skincare products are helping, visit us to get a Hydrafacial at Dental Aesthetics.

6. Deep Skin Peeling

Most skin peeling treatments refresh and renew the skin. However, getting these skin peels regularly can harm the top layer of the skin. On the other hand, Hydrafacial does peel the skin, but just the dead skills cells. This promotes the facial skin renewal process and helps get a better-feeling and looking skin. Also, with the dead cells getting removed, the skincare products you regularly use will penetrate better in the skin and give great results. 

7. Personalized Skincare Treatment

While most of the people visiting Dental Aesthetics prefer getting a Hydrafacial every month as a part of their skincare regimen. However, some of them prefer it as a personalized skincare treatment. Hence, during consultations before the treatment, our skincare experts prepare a personalized skincare plan – which is not possible with a regular skincare product.

Hydrafacial in DHA Lahore

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Other than the benefits we have mentioned above, there are many ways Hydrafacial brings out younger-looking skin. Considering the special hydration procedure of the treatment, the skin feels healthy, refreshed and plump. For those who undergo the treatment regularly, it is not just a regular facial but a pampering session that answers all the needs of their skin. We at Dental Aesthetics recommend getting this treatment regularly and have the best Doctors for Hydrafacial in DHA Lahore. To know if the treatment suitable for your skin and undergo it, book your consultation with us TODAY!

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