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What Are The Benefits OF Getting Porcelain Veneers?

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 What Are The Benefits OF Getting Porcelain Veneers?

Are you conscious about the appearance of our smile and are avoiding showing teeth while meeting someone or when smiling for photos? Whether it is chipped teeth, discolouration, misshaped teeth, or uneven space, by getting Porcelain Veneers, you can cover up these dental flaws. There are many benefits of this cosmetic dental treatment that we provide at Dental Aesthetics, which is why it is one of the most popular ones. To help you make an informed decision, we have covered all the benefits of getting veneers in this blog – keep reading!

1. Simple & Easy Repairing

The first of Porcelain Veneers Benefits is that they are wafer-thin pieces of medical quality porcelain that is attached to the front of the teeth to improve the smile. To make every individual smile pleasing to the eye, we custom-make these veneers. They are coloured in the patient’s original tooth shape and reflect lights just as natural teeth do. Moreover, they do not stain easily and are the ideal choice for those wanting a picture-perfect smile all year round. So, if you are looking to get some cosmetic dental problems fixed like chipped teeth, cracks, or any other, veneers are the easy solutions.

2. Natural Appearance

Even though the process of getting these dental restorations takes a few appointments, the result is a natural-looking smile with an incredible shine. During the first appointment, dentists at Dental Aesthetics take the dental impression of the patient. The dental impressions are used to design the customised Porcelain Veneers for the patient – matching the contour of their natural teeth and the colour of tooth enamel.

When the veneers are ready, they are placed in the mouth by sculpting each veneer at the right place to create a natural smile. Other than just the tooth colour, the veneers are also customized to fit the facial shape and overall style of the patient to make sure that they look and feel natural to the patient.

Porcelain Veneers Benefits

3. Minimally Invasive Procedure

As compared to other dental restoring treatments that we offer at Dental Aesthetics, getting veneers is minimally invasive. For instance, only a slight layer of the front tooth is removed to put the veneers in place without giving the patient anesthesia. However, if the patient was getting a crown, more layers will be shaved down.

During the procedure, once the teeth are shaved down a bit, the veneers are placed on them using special dental cement, and the patient is good to flaunt a new smile. In some cases, the dentist might make some adjustments to the colour or size of the veneers even after they are placed on the teeth to great the most natural smile visible immediately.

4. Quick Cosmetic Fix

Porcelain Veneers are a life-changing dental treatment for those who are not happy with how their teeth appear. By getting veneers, you can get any of the following dental issues fixed at Dental Aesthetics:

  • Missing Teeth
  • Misshaped Teeth
  • Teeth Gaps
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Teeth Stains

Even though braces and orthodontic treatments are the common solutions to reduce the gaps between teeth, for some patients who cannot endure a lot of pain, we opt for veneers. Rather than moving the teeth, they hide the dental flaw – which only the patient and the dentist knows. To know which of your dental problems can be fixed with veneers, book a consultation with us.

5. Permanent & Durable

Most patients think that they would have to get veneers replaced every few months after getting them. However, in reality, they are permanent and resist decay even better than our natural teeth. Because they are created using a non-porous material, they resist cavities and stains better than the natural enamel on teeth which is porous. If taken care of well, veneers can last between ten to fifteen years – which is quite a lot of time considering how fast our natural teeth stain.

6. Easy Maintenance

After getting veneers, the patients do not have to do anything special in the usual oral care routine. The maintenance is the same as how you care for the natural teeth. Brush and floss twice a day – and you are good to flaunt a pearly white smile. However, we also recommend scheduling regular dental checkups with us at Dental Aesthetics to maintain the while white shine of the veneers.

Porcelain Veneers Cost

7. Permanent Tooth Whitening

Patients usually return to our dental clinic regularly for getting their teeth whitened. However, some opt to get veneers because, unlike natural teeth, they resist stains even after drinking tea, eating highly pigmented foods like berries, and smoking cigarette.

Veneers are very resilient dental prosthetics as compared to natural teeth as they always resist stains and it is not necessary to get them whitened regularly – as required for natural teeth. Hence, for those who want to whiten teeth more permanently, veneers are the answer.

8. Treat Enamel Loss

The enamel on our teeth is strong, but it can still have worn away by consuming highly acidic foods, going overboard with tooth brushing, or having an acid reflux disease. And when the tooth enamel gets worn, it does not come back. Veneers are an aesthetically pleasing and durable way to replace the enamel and protect the teeth from further damage.

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Veneers are used for accomplishing many smile goals – from simply the appearance of the teeth to whitening them, enamel replacement, and more. Patients who choose to get veneers to get to enjoy all the benefits we have mentioned above and feel like the Porcelain Veneers Cost is worth the new smile. After the treatment, they experience a boost in their confidence and smile wide, which is priceless. Hence, if you want a smile that boosts your confidence, book an appointment for the treatment at Dental Aesthetics.

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