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What Are The Benefits Of Undergoing Tooth Extraction Treatment?

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 What Are The Benefits Of Undergoing Tooth Extraction Treatment?

We at Dental Aesthetics recommend our patients to preserve their natural teeth as it is the BEST way to maintain good oral health. Indeed, when they retain their real teeth until they grow old, it is a sign of an inspiring lifestyle. However, normally, this is not the case because there are many factors other than brushing and flossing that affect teeth health. Sometimes, it has a lot to do with hereditary diseases like dental caries that are passed down to children. This means that no matter how much you take care of your teeth, tooth decay can happen – and it leads to undergoing Tooth Extraction Treatment

But First – What Is Tooth Extraction? 

Tooth extraction is an invasive treatment that involves the removal of a tooth from the socket. There are two types of extractions – simple and by surgery. We carry out the simple extraction on patients with visibly affected tooth which is ready for extraction. On the other hand, if the tooth has not erupted fully and is stuck in the gums, it is removed surgically. 

Normally, we start the treatment by loosening the tooth using a dental elevator and then pulling it out with a pair of forceps. In case it gets complicated to remove the impacted tooth, our dentists first make an incision in the gums. If necessary, they might even break the impacted tooth into smaller parts because it makes pulling it out easier. Usually, the procedure lasts for up to an hour or 45 minutes and requires only one visit to our dental clinic. Besides, to make the  treatment less painful and keep the patients  calm during the procedure, we give anesthesia. 

Four Benefits Of Getting Your Decaying Tooth Extracted

Even after knowing about the procedure, some patients remain confused about why they actually need to get it done. Firstly, do not think of it as losing a tooth because, in exchange, you will get many benefits. If a dentist at Dental Aesthetics recommends you to undergo Tooth Extraction Treatment after consultation, then you should know why it is the BEST option. Here are the benefits it will provide: 

 Tooth Extraction Treatment

1. Relief From Pain

Many times, patients visit our dental clinic in DHA Lahore complaining of dental pain. Usually, the reasons behind the pain are apparent to us, such as tooth decay. Even though these dental issues can be fixed easily, there can be more underlying reasons causing the discomfort. More often, patients have an infection that had reached the roots of their teeth already. If not treated in time, it can increase the pain. And in severe cases where the dental problem is causing a lot of pain, getting the tooth extracted is the only way to relieve the pain.

2. Ending The Problem 

A rapidly spreading infection in the tooth can make treating it hard. If this happens, the dental problem becomes more complicated and requires undergoing multiple dental procedures – that can be heavy on your pocket. Moreover, delaying the treatment also increases your discomfort, and when the damage gets too serious, your smile cannot be reversed back. Hence, needless to say, getting the tooth removed in the first place at an affordable Tooth Extraction Price in Pakistan is the safest option to end the problem from its roots. 


3.  Saving Other Teeth 

One risk that we at Dental Aesthetics try avoiding by recommending Tooth Extraction Treatment is giving cavities and infections a chance to spread on other teeth. Unfortunately, some patients visit our dental clinic after taking notice of this when it is too late already. When the infected tooth contaminates other teeth, more and more complicated procedures get involved in providing a complete dental treatment. So yes, if you miss out on getting the tooth extracted at the right time, you might not just lose one tooth but two or more. Hence, for stopping the spread of the infection that affects other teeth too, possibly the gums and surrounding tissues, undergo the extraction. 

4.  Makes Way For Your Beautiful Smile 

Other than in case of tooth decay or an infection, our dentists also recommend getting a tooth extracted even when there is no problem with it. Usually, some people have crooked teeth because of overcrowding, which means that they have more teeth that cannot fit in the mouth. Removing a tooth is the only solution to fix overcrowding, just like molar extraction, which gives other teeth the space to adjust perfectly. Thus, resulting in a more beautiful smile that lasts for longer and good oral health. 

Tooth Extraction Cost in Pakistan

Book Your Consultation TODAY! 

At first, the thought of losing a tooth does seem scary. BUT, think of all those nights you spend in pain because of your decaying and infected tooth? Do not let anything stop you from getting the dental treatment at a reasonably affordable Tooth Extraction Cost in Pakistan. Book your consultation with us at Dental Aesthetics and see if the treatment is your option and how we can help you keep your million-dollar smile for longer. 

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