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What Are The Signs That You Need Dental Implants?

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 What Are The Signs That You Need Dental Implants?

Missing teeth are not only cosmetic issues, and the dentists at Dental Aesthetics know this. However, unfortunately, the patients ignore this fact and never consider getting Dental Implants. Therefore, being the experts in dentistry, we have taken out time to make you understand how having a missing tooth or two affects day-to-day life and not only dental health. Keep reading the blog and learn about the signs showing that you need to get implants

5 Reasons Why You Need Dental Implants

To break down all the reasons why you should be getting implants, we will start off with some numbers. Almost 23 million people are edentulous completely and the other 12 million lack few teeth. The good news here is that we have a modern dentistry solution to it – Dental Implants Pakistan, which is an ideal option for restoring missing teeth. Still confused about getting implants because you are not sure if they are the right treatment option? Consider the following reasons:

1. Chipped Or Missing Teeth

Implants look very natural in appearance and offer a lot of surety to the patients that no one can spot that they are a bit different. In our opinion, replacing a missing tooth or two with Dental Implants is one of the most durable treatment options.

It allows the patients to talk, drink, eat, smile, and live life normally – as if they had never chipped or lost their teeth. However, if you choose not to get this problem treated, it can lead to recurring headaches and even infection in the worst-case scenario.

 Dental Implants Pakistan

2. Dentures Not Fitting Properly

Your dentures are not fitting correctly, which is leading to discomfort and pain? Compared to dentures getting implants is a more secure and better treatment option. They function similar to natural teeth and can ease the pain of those patients with dentures that do not fit properly. It further prevents irritation in the gums and reduces the pain.

However, before switching the ill-fitting dentures of a patient to implants, at Dental Aesthetics, we book them for a consultation. After thoroughly discussing the pros and cons of the treatment considering the patient’s dental problems and oral health, we begin it. Normally, the benefits include the long lifespan of the implants, the money saved over time, and lesser visits to the dental clinic.

3. Signs Of Infection

Anyone can have an infection in their teeth because of an injury, periodontal disease, or because of any other reason. And, no matter what the reason is, if the infection increases and things get bad, getting Dental Implants is the best option. They help in restoring the teeth which have decayed because of an infection and cannot be saved. In fact, an implant will not only relieve the pain caused by the infection but also prevent some serious oral health problems.

Missing Teeth

4. Deteriorating Jawbone

If you have had Missing Teeth for some while now, the jawbone might have started deteriorating and receding. To make sure that this does not happen, get implants that fill in for a missing tooth or two and even restore the tooth structure.

Implants are directly placed into the jawbone and stop the recession. However, if you have a missing tooth, do not risk more jaw problems by not getting implants, as doing so can cause more tooth loss. After you get implants, with time, the jaw will stabilize and stop the dental issues. In short, implants provide strength to the jawbone and stop the bone loss that the missing tooth is causing.

5. Sinking In Face

Does your face appear caved in? You can likely benefit from Dental Implants in Lahore. The skin sinks in when someone experiences a bone loss because of a missing tooth. It is usually common in those wearing dentures as they do not promote the growth of jaw bone.

Hence, to get rid of that caved-in appearance of your face, visit us at Dental Aesthetics and get implants. The natural facelift accompanying the treatment procedure will give your face a better look and improve its ability to speak and chew.

Dental Implants in Lahore

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants?

As a team of professional dentists, we know that implants are durable and realistic. However, the idea of undergoing the treatment makes most of the patients nervous. Hence, we take it as a responsibility to calm them down by reminding them of the immediate benefits the treatment provides. Here is what it offers:

  • Preserving and restoring the facial structure
  • Stopping gum recession and bone loss         
  • Creating a strong base for bridgework
  • Securing the dentures without any glue
  • Supporting the remaining teeth
  • Normalizing speaking and chewing abilities
  • Providing a permanent solution to missing teeth

Sometimes, only thinking about going to a dental clinic frightens some patients, let alone undergoing a treatment procedure, However, we at Dental Aesthetics always make sure to remind them that caring for their teeth is important. Whether it takes answering hundreds of their questions related to the treatment or giving them mild sedation, we do all it takes to ease them and feel comfortable.

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Dental implants have brought a revolution in the way dental professional restores a missing tooth or two and the problems accompanying the condition. The state-of-art technology in dentistry now allows patients to get their teeth restored so that they perform and look similar to natural teeth. So, if you have chipped teeth or a missing tooth, get the Best Dental Implant Services in Pakistan at Dental Aesthetics. Book your consultation appointment with us TODAY to find out if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment.

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