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What is tooth wear??

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 What is tooth wear??

When the outer covering of tooth wear off due to various reasons other than caries that includes; habits, an acid that might be in your daily diet or due to gastric reflux, medicines or dry mouth

Tooth Wear 2

Causes :

Reasons why the tooth gets eroded 

 Attrition due to clenching 

Abrasion due to vigorous brushing , improper flossing or use of toothpicks or pencil biting 

Abfraction due to fracture or trauma to tooth 

In this situation we need to know the real cause of erosion of teeth

Patient’s medical history plays a vital role in a case where there has been a history of gastric reflux (GERD) or patient has been on medication like aspirin or antacids 

Patients with eating disorders like in bulimia eating and vomiting food out acid is source of erosion in such cases 

Tooth Wear 3

Plaque and Erosion :

                Accumulation of plaque around tooth contains bacteria that at times converts the food starch into acid that causes enamel to wear off.

Signs of Erosion :

The complains with which patients come up with are

Sensitivity; complain of cold and heat sensitivity 

Discoloration; As the enamel wears off dentin actually is responsible for color so eroded tooth appears as yellow to brown Change in shape/structure of teeth or cracking of tooth

Pitted enamel; the erosion appears as pits at the start as there is decrease in the mineral content of tooth 

Cavities; pits if left unaddressed can lead to cavitation 


It can be prevented by Oral hygiene modification Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste , flossing and mouthwash (as prescribed by your dentist)

Dietary modification

  • limit use of citric acid (lemon and other citrus fruits )
  • less use of acetic acid; vinegar 
  • use of straws while drinking carbonated drinks as there would be less contact with teeth
  • Use of sugar free gums as it increases the saliva which acts as a supply of minerals to teeth 

Dental Checkup

Go see a dentist whenever you notice these symptoms 

Do show compliance in following your dentist’s instructions 

Tooth Wear Checkup

At Dental Aesthetics we address your concerns by actually giving you the best possible treatment with modifications of diet and our goal is to remove the root cause of tooth damage 

Patient’s history plays a vital role which involves 

  • Medical history 
  • Current medications
  • Social habits 

If patient is not aware of the fact that tooth erosion has already in oral cavity our team of dentists actually inform their patients and provide with the solution and how to stop it

Counselling the patient is very critical and it actually help the patient understand the process of erosion and how to stop it

Treatment options:

  • Use of Sealants in case of pitting in enamel 
  • Composite fillings in case of cavitation
  • Veneers or crown to protect the tooth from further erosion 

If you notice any of these symptoms do not wait up and book an appointment for consultation 

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