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What is Wisdom Tooth?

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 What is Wisdom Tooth?
Wisdome Tooth Extraction

A wisdom tooth can be any of the four hindmost molars which appear mostly at the age of twenty years.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It is a surgical procedure for removing one or more of the four hindmost molars.

When to consider Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Since wisdom tooth appears at a later stage of the life, there may not be enough room for them to grow. This can result in the trapping of the wisdom tooth in the jaw or under the gums.

Shared below are some of the typical scenarios in which your dentist may consider wisdom tooth extraction in Lahore.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Lahore
  • The tooth does not have the right position and starts contributing to trapping of food.
  • The wisdom teeth did not come in properly and are making it difficult to properly chew the food.
  • Wisdom teeth that did not come through fully and can give space to bacteria. This accumulation of bacteria can lead to infection, resulting in pain, stiffness, and swelling.
  • A wisdom tooth does not have enough space to grow and is damaging the neighboring teeth.
  • A tooth which is not able to erupt in the oral cavity  starts forming a cyst,  thereby  damaging adjacent tooth along with the bone.

How do we help our patients with Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

At Dental Aesthetics we follow a step by step wisdom tooth extraction process.

Correct Diagnosis

We believe that patient comfort comes first. This comfort can only be achieved by ensuring no pain. A no pain approach is possible by carefully planning the whole wisdom tooth removal process. A detailed x-ray helps us determine the structure of the tooth that needs to be removed. This preliminary analysis gives us a clear picture of the least painful path to tooth extraction.

Treatment Plan and Communication

Another way of comforting our patients is to discuss the treatment with them. After the x-ray analysis, the dentist will sit with the patient and explain to them the process. This communicative and transparent approach gives our patients peace of mind and confidence they need.

The Role of Specialists

Extraction is the job of a maxillofacial surgeon. We have a maxillofacial surgeon on our panel and also available to handle all kinds of emergency situations. The surgeon trained in oral and maxillofacial surgery takes forward the plan of removing the impacted tooth with minimal pain.

Why A Maxillofacial Surgeon?

A maxillofacial surgeon specializes in surgeries in areas of neck, jaws, and face, including the soft and hard tissues in the maxillofacial and oral region. The availability of such an international surgical specialty adds to the comfort of the patient.

How Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Help?

Every patient’s wisdom tooth case is unique. However, in most cases, getting rid of a problematic wisdom tooth is suggested. These are some of the cases where removal of a wisdom tooth becomes unavoidable.

  • Damage done to the neighbouring teeth
  • Presence of infection
  • Gum disease
  • Cysts
  • Tooth decay
  • Tumours

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