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What Makes Dental Implants A Treatment Worth Investment?

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 What Makes Dental Implants A Treatment Worth Investment?

Whether a person has lost a tooth due to an infection or a physical trauma, a gap between the teeth affects their self-confidence. It also impacts the ability to speak or eat as normal. Previously, the only solution to this problem was getting removable dentures or dental bridges. However, we at Dental Aesthetics now fix the gaps between teeth in a better and non-invasive way with Dental Implants.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Implants

Modern advances in the field of dentistry have brought more long-lasting and natural solutions compared to removable restorations. Implants can replace several teeth, a single tooth, or even a complete arch with an implant-supported bridge, crown, or denture.

Our highly trained dentists believe that they are a great investment. If you too have a space between your teeth and are considering getting implants, read through this blog to find out what makes this treatment worth the investment.

1. Permanent Solution

Once the implants are placed, they provide a permanent and convenient solution to gaps between teeth. At our dental clinic, we use medical-grade titanium implants that are fused into the bone cells of the patient’s jaw – forming a durable and strong bond for their new teeth. When cared for and cleaned properly, the results of Dental Implants Pakistan last for a lifetime, which is what every patient wants.

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2. Bone Loss Prevention

When you have a missing tooth or two, the bone beneath starts wearing off. Bone tissue needs constant stimulation for staying healthy. So, if you have a gap between your teeth because of a missing tooth, it is important to find a treatment solution for it as quickly as possible. By getting Dental Implants, you can prevent all the issues that tooth loss causes, like sagging in the face, premature ageing, and jaw bone loss.

3. Safe For Adjacent Teeth

Traditional bridgework requires natural teeth on either side of the missing teeth to that there is enough support provided for the temporary restorations. Because of this, additional stress is placed on the adjacent teeth, leaving them susceptible to decay or infection. On the other hand, implants are a standalone treatment option that does not depend on or impact the natural teeth to give the patients a perfect smile.

4. Easy Aftercare

Do you floss and brush your teeth regularly? Well then, you are already on the right track to caring for implants. They do not require using special adhesives or denture creams for staying in place and you do not even need to soak them in water overnight. In fact, patients who have gotten implants at our Dental Clinic in Lahore claim that they are a relief, because previously, they used to struggle with taking care of the temporary restorations.

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5. Full Arch Replacement

To replace a full arch, we offer a modern treatment in the shape of all-on-four implants. The procedure involves positioning four implants at strategic locations around the upper or lower arch of the patient. Once the Dental Implants are put in place, our restorative dentist affixes a secure restoration, usually in just one visit. One of the major benefits of all-on-four implants is that this option does not require bone tissue support in the jawbone. To know more about the full-arch teeth restoration option with all-on-four implants, schedule your consultation with us.

6. Eat Favourite Meals

People with temporary restorations often avoid eating certain foods like ripe fruits, corn on the cob, and tough meats, fearing that it will cause damage to the restorations. While the dentures and bridges can slip or dig deep into the gum tissues, triggering discomfort and the need for adjustments every other day, implants are the most comfortable tooth replacement. They provide complete freedom when it comes to eating meals – so no more avoiding eating what you crave.

Dental Implants in Lahore Pakistan

7. Reclaimed Confidence

We often hear from the patients at Dental Aesthetics that they avoid smiling wide and getting photos taken because of missing or damaged teeth. But, not anymore – thanks to the implant dentistry that helps us restore their smile seamlessly and give them a gorgeous smile. If you have a missing tooth or two and are ready to get them restored with Dental Implants in Lahore Pakistan, book an appointment with us. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of dentists will fix them and boost your self-confidence once again.

Convinced To Improve Your Smile With Implants?

The benefits of getting implants are endless – from both an oral health and cosmetic point of view. They are preferred by most of our patients because of their ability to function like natural teeth and most importantly, the reasonable Dental Implants Cost in Pakistan. Their permanency also offers amazing tooth restoration results.

So, stop procrastinating the thought of restoring your missing teeth – get implants and smile confidently. To see if implants are the right treatment option, book your initial consultation with the Best Dentist in Lahore at Dental Aesthetics.

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