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Why Is Hydrafacial Treatment In Lahore Getting Popular?

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 Why Is Hydrafacial Treatment In Lahore Getting Popular?

Hydrafacial is a treatment that has brought a great revolution in the skincare industry. You must have probably seen an actor or a model talking about the treatment. Or, realized a sudden glow on the face of your friend after they got Hydrafacial? Being performed at Dental Aesthetics every other day, Hydrafacial Treatment in Lahore is getting increasingly popular. If you have concerns like scars, wrinkles, clogged pores, fine lines, and acne, this treatment is your option for flawless skin. But before you undergo it, read through this blog to know about the treatment procedure how it is beneficial for your skin in different ways.

Hydrafacial – The Treatment Procedure

Hydrafacial is a new form of rejuvenating skin by using jets of water that help cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. It results in supple and baby-soft skin textures, which we all dream of flaunting.

To provide the Best Hydrafacial in Lahore we apply a hydrating serum on the patient’s skin to rejuvenate it. Typically, the procedure has three steps. The first step involves us using jets of water for exfoliating dead skin cells and loosening the impurities trapped inside the pores.

Next, in the second step, we apply an acid peel solution that deep cleanses the skin and loosens the accumulation of debris and dirt clogging the pores. In the third and last step, using a vacuum attachment, we draw out the remaining skin impurities and apply a hydrating serum. It leaves the skin rejuvenated and refreshed – considering that we custom-make it according to the skin type of every patient.

Best Hydrafacial in Lahore

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Hydrafacial?

It does not happen too often that a skincare treatment becomes a favourite of everyone, but Hydrafacial is definitely one. But how? Here are the many benefits the treatment provides when included in a skincare routine – making it a preference.

1.   Improved Skin Tone

Hydrafacial reduces the pigmentation appearance and evens the tone of the skin effectively. Normally, the skin gets dull because of the buildup of dead skin cells and dirt. However, when we exfoliate the skin during the treatment, the layer of impurities in the skin buffs away. Therefore, revealing clear and bright skin from beneath.

2.    Clearing Clogged Pores

During the Hydrafacial Treatment in Lahore that we provide at Dental Aesthetics, an acid peeling solution is applied onto the patient’s skin. The solution partially dissolves the accumulated dirt, extra sebum, and dead skin cells trapped inside the pores of the skin. Once dissolved, using a vacuum suction attachment, we then draw out the impurities, unclog the pores and deep cleanse the skin.

3.    Reduce Scars

Scars on the skin form because of the collagen buildup that develops when the wounds from acne and other skin problems are healing. Often, the body produces excess collagen quickly, and it causes an uneven accumulation of scars. 

Consequently, the scar tissues appear depressed and slightly raised compared to the normal skin around. Also, the scar tissues contain melanin less than the damaged skin and appear dark in colour.

The resurfacing results of Hydrafacial soften the skin, soothe it, and reduce the appearance of scars. Moreover, when the production of collagen is stimulated during the procedure, it also adds volume to the scar tissues that are depressed; making them less visible.

Best Hydrafacial in Lahore

4.     Pigmentation

Pigmentation is a skin condition that is characterised by the appearance of skin areas that are dark than the surrounding areas. Such dark patches are caused because of many factors, including sun damage, ageing, hormonal imbalance, and acne. Usually, they appear in the shape of small spots or large patches too in irregular shapes.

By getting Hydrafacial at Dental Aesthetics, you can reduce the pigmentation as it involves exfoliating dark and odd coloured layers of the skin. By increasing the turnover of cells and promoting blood circulation, the treatment boosts new skin growth that is pigmented evenly. Therefore, giving you glowing and picture-perfect skin.

5.    Reduced Pore Appearance

Even though it is not possible to completely shrink the pores on the skin, with the Hydrafacial Treatment in Lahore we provide, their appearance can be reduced. Often, pores appear dilated and enlarged because they accumulate dirt, dead skin cells, sebum, and other impurities.

When cleaned deeply and unclogged, the pores appear small. Hence, get the deep cleansing facial and reduce the appearance of pores on your skin – which, frankly speaking, we all dislike seeing on our face.

6.     Reduced Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Honestly, every other person wants younger-looking skin free of fine lines and wrinkles, and when they appear before age, one will do anything to reduce them. If they are appearing on the skin already, turn back the aging clock by undergoing Hydrafacial treatment rather than using products like a wrinkle-reducing cream.

The procedure involves the use of collagen-producing and skin-nourishing serums. Hence, the results of the treatment would be reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks to the stimulation of collagen production, your skin will appear firmer, smoother, and younger.

Hydrafacial in DHA, Lahore.

The Takeaway  

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive skin treatment that suits everyone – even those with sensitive skin. It addresses problems like scarring, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Moreover, it also restores the skin to a more youthful, hydrated, and plump look.

Additionally, along with being safe, all the benefits it offers do not have any side effects other than mild redness that subsides within a few hours after the treatment. So, are you convinced to undergo the treatment? Well then, book your appointment with us at Dental Aesthetics and get the best Hydrafacial in DHA, Lahore

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