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Why Is Laser Hair Removal Price In Pakistan Worth It?

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 Why Is Laser Hair Removal Price In Pakistan Worth It?

Everyone has facial hair that they wish was not there. From upper lips to the forehead and sideburns – hours are spent waxing, epilating, and threading that unwanted facial hair. They can be uncomfortable and frustrating not only to see but also when being removed. Luckily, by paying a very affordable Laser Hair Removal Price in Pakistan, you can achieve hair-free and smooth skin. We provide the treatment at Dental Aesthetics, and it has been getting quite popular now. Before booking for your first laser session, do you want to know about the treatment procedure and its benefits compared to other hair removal methods? We have you covered right here – keep scrolling to read everything!

Laser Hair Removal Treatment: A Quick Summary

Unwanted hair on the face and even the body can be frustrating. It takes hours to remove them every week and daily too, for some people with excessive hair growth. Laser Hair Removal is a treatment that can save them time and even the money they spend endlessly on waxing appointments and other hair removal products. It involves the use of advanced laser technology that destroys hair follicles and stops the growth of unwanted body hair.

Laser beams are directed in the hair follicles in which hair grows. The melanin content in the follicles that promotes hair growth is destroyed with laser energy. After six to eight sessions, the hair does not grow back for years, and in some cases, they never grow back again.

Laser Hair Removal Price in Pakistan

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal For Face?

We at Dental Aesthetics associate hair removal with the laser to many benefits, especially when compared with other hair removal ways. Below, we have covered a list of benefits our patients get after getting Laser Hair Removal on Face. Let’s get through it!

1.  Fast Procedure

Hair removal with laser is a quite quick procedure that just takes six to eight sessions of 20 or 30 minutes – depending on the area being treated. However, normally, it does not take too long. For example, if we are just treating the upper lip area of the patient, it might take just 5 or 10 minutes, and a full face will take 20-30 minutes. In the end, the duration depends on what area you are getting treated.

2.  Long-Lasting Results

Unlike the other methods of facial hair removal like waxing, threading, and shaving, the hair does not grow back in weeks or even months. After we remove the hair effectively using the laser at Dental Aesthetics, even between sessions, they do not grow back for months. Even if they grow, the length and coarseness are lighter – making them less visible. For some people, even before the recommended sessions are complete, the hair growth ends. However, for others, the hair growth ends after all the sessions are completed, giving them lasting hair-free skin for years.

3.   Precise & Exact Procedure

Provides that your hair will be removed using the advanced laser technology by our professional team, the procedure will be precise. When it comes to targeting the unwanted hair on the face, precision is important. Hence, even though the Laser Hair Removal Price in Pakistan is quite affordable, the treatment is precise. This means that the skin surrounding the areas of the face being treated will not be damaged and the laser beams will be targeted right.

Laser Hair Removal on Face

4.   No Pain & Discomfort

The laser technology that we use at Dental Aesthetics just feels like a quick warm snap while it is moved on the areas being treated. The entire procedure is definitely pain-free and less uncomfortable compared to getting your facial hair waxed and tweezed from its roots. Honestly, we all know how painful it is to even imagine the pain of getting your upper lips threaded and sideburns waxed. So, why not just end the pain and get right of the unwanted facial hair once and for all? Trust us, it will be a BIG relief.

5.   Cost-Effective Treatment

Once you start getting unwanted facial hair removed by laser technology, the worry of spending a fortune on hair removal creams, razors, and waxing appointments will end. Even though at first, paying the upfront Laser Hair Removal Price in Pakistan might look more, but when compared in the longer run, it saves A LOT. Once you spend on the laser hair removal treatment, you will not be paying for regular procedures that are also costly – considering that their results are not lasting. Hence, save your valuable time and money that goes into removing facial hair the traditional way.

Laser Hair Removal Price in Pakistan

Book Your Appointment For The Treatment TODAY!

Have you decided to go under the laser to get rid of unwanted facial hair and are searching for “Laser Hair Removal Near Me on the internet? End your search right now because we provide the treatment at Dental Aesthetics in six to eight sessions. Almost all of our patients have achieved hair-free skin permanently after undergoing the treatment.

However, of course, the gap between sessions and results varies from one person to another. Some patients see a noticeable reduction in hair growth after just the third session, and for others, the results appear after the fifth or sixth session. Though in the end, the hair-free skin is worth it all. If you still have some questions related to the treatment, visit our clinic or book with us for a consultation TODAY!

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