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Why Should You Undergo Tooth Extraction Treatment?

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 Why Should You Undergo Tooth Extraction Treatment?

Restoring teeth that are damaged because of decay with dental fillings, implants, or any other dental treatment is not possible always. Sometimes, the damage is too deep to be restored, and at this point, we at Dental Aesthetics recommend undergoing Tooth Extraction Treatment. It is a dental treatment that involves removing the damaged tooth from its roots to prevent infections in the gums and maintain oral health.

When Is Tooth Extraction Treatment Necessary?

The dentists at our dental clinic in DHA Lahore are highly trained to perform tooth extractions and give patients a healthy smile even after tooth decay.. Before starting the treatment, they thoroughly check the teeth and overall oral health of the patient to ensure that tooth extraction is the right dental treatment option. Are you still confused about when to consider getting a tooth extracted? Here are some dental conditions that make getting an extraction more of a necessity than just an option to improve the aesthetics of a smile.

·  Deep Damage

One or more of your teeth are severely damaged because of a trauma, or decay is reaching the tooth pulp? You might be experiencing discomfort and pain in your teeth then. In the worst case, the bacteria growth because of the decay can might have led to a severe infection. We at Dental Aesthetics can relieve that pain and discomfort for you and prevent more damage with tooth extraction, which is one of the safest and comfortable treatments.

·   Prevent Periodontal Diseases 

Periodontal disease is a type of infection in the periodontal ligaments, gums, jaw bone, and other structures surrounding the teeth. It is caused by the bacteria in dental plaque and tartar that form around the teeth because of the food remains. One of the earliest stages of the disease is gingivitis which infects the gums. If the disease is more severe, it affects the jaw bone and periodontal ligaments.

In some cases, periodontal disease might result in you losing a tooth or two to decay. When this happens, undergoing Tooth Extraction Treatment at Dental Aesthetics is your ideal option. Using advanced dental technology for tooth extraction, our professional dentists will restore your oral health. And in the future, if you want, they can replace that extracted tooth with Dental Implants.

Tooth Extraction Treatment

·   Remove Impacted Tooth

A tooth is impacted when there is a block that prevents it from coming out or when the gums do not erupt. Normally, this happens for the wisdom teeth. To patients who face this dental problem, we recommend Wisdom Tooth Extraction. Besides, extracting an impacted tooth also helps in lowering the risk of overcrowding and infections.

The dentists at Dental Aesthetics are committed to providing exceptional treatments when it comes to extracting impacted teeth. They thoroughly examine the affected area initially and then recommend the extraction.  

·   Eliminate Teeth Overcrowding

Sometimes, considering the shape of a patient’s teeth, extracting one or more teeth might be necessary to reduce the overcrowding. We also recommend this treatment when a patient wants to undergo orthodontic treatment, and there is no room to realign teeth. An orthodontist at our dental clinic first checks how crowded the teeth are. If there is no enough space to straighten them, they extract teeth at a reasonably affordable Tooth Extraction Price in Pakistan; to create enough space for the teeth to straighten.

·   Post-Accident Necessity 

An accident or an injury has severely damaged your teeth, and you are experiencing pain? The best option is to preserve other teeth by getting the damaged one extracted. Even though there are options like Dental Bondings, Bridges, Crowns, and Veneers that most dentists recommend, for a permanent solution, tooth extraction is your option.

Tooth Extraction Treatmen

What Happens During Tooth Extraction?

To start the Tooth Extraction Treatment, the dentists at Dental Aesthetics first apply a local or general anaesthesia, especially if the tooth they are about to extract is a wisdom tooth. Sedation is also used for patients that get multiple teeth extracted at the same time. 

Once the area to be treated is numb, we use forceps to extract the affected tooth. If the tooth is huge, we might first cut it into two and then extract the pieces – one at a time. A blood clot then forms in the socket from where the tooth is extracted, and the patients are then given a gauze to bite on to stop the bleeding. This goes on for just a few minutes, after which we prescribe some pain-relieving medicines and the patient is good to return to the daily routine.

Tooth Extraction Treatment Aftercare

In most cases, patients can resume their daily activities right after getting their tooth extracted. However, we at Dental Aesthetics suggest taking precautions and avoid any strenuous activities during the first 24 hours after the treatment. Other than that, we also recommend taking the following measures to heal faster:

  • Restrict to eating soft food only for the first two meals after extraction and then switch to others after healing.
  • Avoid eating or drinking something hot as it can melt the blood clot at the extraction area and cause bleeding.
  • Rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution instead of using antiseptic mouth rinses that can be hard on the treated area.
Tooth Extraction Cost in Pakistan

Book Your Appointment For Tooth Extraction TODAY!

Experiencing any of the dental problems mentioned above? Get the affected tooth extracted before it’s too late to let go off the pain and discomfort it is causing. Also, the cherry on top is that the Tooth Extraction Cost in Pakistan is also reasonably affordable for everyone. Hence, hush away all the second thoughts of living with a decaying tooth and book your appointment with us at Dental Aesthetics to get your tooth extracted.

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