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Wired Or Clear Braces

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 Wired Or Clear Braces

Wired Or Clear Braces – Which One Is The Right Choice?

Besides giving a picture-perfect smile, straightening teeth with Wired or Clear Braces helps improve oral health. By getting your teeth aligned, you can correct your bite and stave off cavities as it is easier to keep them clean with regular brushing and flossing. Are your teeth misaligned and you are considering orthodontics to straighten them? At Dental Aesthetics, we provide two popular orthodontic treatments – Clear Braces and Wired Braces.

Clear Braces, also known as Invisalign Aligners are made up of BDA-free plastic (an industrial chemical used to make plastics products) that is very smooth and comfortable. The patients have to wear the Clear Aligners over their teeth to gradually align them. At Dental Aesthetics, we design the Invisalign Aligners trays according to the 3D image of the patient’s teeth made out of dental impressions and X-rays.

On the other hand, Wired Braces are made of wires and rubber wands that tie the metal brackets glued to the patient’s teeth. Mostly, the brackets are made of metal, but they can be made of ceramic or a combination of both the materials too. If you want your brackets to be invisible, our dentists can match them to the color of your tooth enamel.

By now, we assume that you might be asking yourself – Which orthodontic option should I choose, Wired or Clear Braces? Are Invisalign Aligners more affordable than wired braces? Do Invisalign Aligners, aka, Invisible Braces work faster than Wired Braces? And the questions go on and on. Keep reading the article to find answers to your questions.

Our goal at Dental Aesthetics is to carry out the orthodontic treatment that best suits our patient’s dental need and smile. Hence, before starting one, we run a dental exam to find out the patient’s options to straighten teeth. Also, to make sure that patients make an informed decision, we have covered the details related to Invisalign Aligners and Wired Braces in this article.

Wired or Clear Braces: What Is The Difference Between Both?

Even though both Invisalign Braces and Wired Braces serve the same purpose – straightening teeth, they are different because of the following reasons:

  • Treatment Duration

Straightening teeth with Wired Braces is a relatively slow process. Because unlike Invisible Aligners, they are irremovable and fixed according to the patient’s dental need. Hence, they are removed only when the patient’s teeth are completely aligned.

However, when it comes to fixing more complex dental issues, Wired Braces win the game as they reduce the gaps between teeth much faster than Invisalign Aligners. Though not to miss the pain and soreness that comes with it when the brackets are tightened.

All in all, Wired or Clear Braces, the duration of both the treatments varies from patient to patient. But in comparison, Wired Braces usually take 18 months to 3 years to fix misaligned teeth. With Invisalign Aligners, patients get to see their aligned smile just after 6 to 18 months. 

  • Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Cleaning the wires and brackets of Wired Braces can be a real challenge, but maintaining oral hygiene when wearing them is a MUST. By not brushing and flossing every day with braces, patients risk the build-up of plaque and tartar which can result in tooth decay and staining.

With Invisalign Aligners, maintaining oral hygiene is not a problem as the trays are removable. The patient can rinse and brush them in warm water in the morning, at night, and after eating or drinking anything. Sounds very convenient, right? It surely is!

  • Consuming Food

As we have mentioned before, Invisalign Aligners are removable. This feature makes them handier when consuming food. Imagine craving your favorite caramel popcorns but not being able to have them because you have your braces on? Not anymore with Invisalign Aligners. Simply take them off, have a bag of popcorns, clean your teeth, and put them back.

Satisfy Cravings? Check.

Clean Teeth? Check.

Clear Braces On? Check.

Talking of Wired Braces, the patient wearing them needs to take some precautions when consuming food. For instance, if they try eating hard candy or any sticky food, their brackets can dislocate from a tooth, or in the worth situation, a wire can break. As a result, the patient will have to visit our clinic in DHA, Lahore to get the breakage repaired. Until they are not repaired, the Wired Braces will not do their job. Also, if you wear Wired Braces and often break your wires while munching on peanut bars, your treatment will be prolonged.

  • Regular Dental Consultations

Patients who get their Wired Braces at Dental Aesthetics are expected to visit us every four to six weeks. Usually, we follow-up with Invisalign Aligner patients at the same time. However, the patients are required to change their aligners trays every two weeks to keep up with oral health and teeth alignment.  

  • Appearance And Comfort

Quite honestly, many people in Pakistan let go off the idea of getting Wired Braces because they affect the appearance and are uncomfortable. Moreover, they can also cause sores in the patient’s mouth.

On the other hand, Invisalign Aligners are made of invisible plastic that does not irritate gums. So whether you are an adult or a teen who was hesitant of straitening teeth because of the appearance of the Wired Braces – you can now flaunt a perfect smile with Invisalign Aligners.

Get Perfectly Straight Teeth At Dental Aesthetics

Are you still confused about which orthodontic treatment to choose? Let our experienced orthodontists at Dental Aesthetics examine your teeth and recommend the option that best suits your dental needs. To know more about the Wired Braces and Invisalign Price, give us a call or visit our clinic in DHA, Lahore.

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