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Dental Blog - Tips & Guide to Save Your Tooth

Best dentures lahore

Types of Dentures, it’s Benefits & Care

What are dentures? Dentures are removable replacements, which are applied as a result of tooth loss. Unlike bridges and implants,...
Teeth Scaling

What is Teeth Scaling?

Dental cleaning is part of a healthy hygiene. Teeth scaling helps the patients avoid excessive buildup of plaque. Most...
All On Four Dental Implants Before After Lahroe Pakistan

When is All – on – 4 the best option? 5...

Gone is the time when dentures were the only option for edentulous or missing teeth spaces. In...
Wavy Teeths Kids

Baby Teeth Looks So Crazy In Children – Ask The Dentist

Do you still love your kids even they have misaligned teeth? Of course, you do, then why not take...
Oral Health Diabetes

How Diabetes Can Affect Oral Health?

Systemic diseases not only affect the body but the oral cavity as well. Individuals who do not take care...

How To Know Veneers Are Right Choice For You?

Most of us get unhappy with our unsightly smile, seeing the celebrities flaunting their flawless white pearls. Don’t be...
Lazy Teeth Brush

Too Lazy to Brush Your Teeth? What Happens if You Don’t?

You are supposed to brush your teeth twice a day everyday and visit your dentist at least once a...
White Spot Teeth Removal

How to get rid of a white spot??

If you got a white spot on your teeth we have a solution for that 
Dental Implant Pakistan

Regain your smile with Dental Implants

Are you concerned about your missing teeth space at front or back? Dental implants is the best replacement option...
Best dentist

How To Find The Best Dentist Around You?

Finding a reliable dentist for yourself is an important decision because dental health is not something to be taken...
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