Simple Tooth Extraction in Lahore, Pakistan

The tooth is extracted for a wide variety of reasons. Which includes severely damaged or broken tooth due to some trauma or cavities, loss of gum and surrounding bone support due to poor hygiene. Orthodontic reasons, jaw deformity surgery preparation, severe infection with failed root canal treatment, impacted tooth (a tooth that doesn't have sufficient space to appear in the mouth). Abnormal position causing irritation, cheek bites and tooth with some pathology/abnormality.

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Certified surgeon in oral surgery, trained to extract teeth without causing any pain and discomfort under local anaesthesia, sedation and general anaesthesia

Complete Care

Extraction is a process in which tooth is loosened first with the help of a specific instrument. After that, it is delivered from jawbone by using tooth removal forceps

Modern Equipment

We have the provision of latest equipment supplemented with a skilled surgeon. This combination of skill and equipment make our services unique.

Emergency Ready

In case you have any emergency, for example, severe pain, swelling and inability to open mouth. We have our doctor on call to help 24/7, which can relieve your pain and misery

Simple Tooth Extraction in Pakistan

Extractions Procedure

After giving local anaesthesia and sedation (for anxious patients) then the tooth is loosened with the help of a specific instrument. Once the tooth is loosened and a bone socket holding that tooth widened, gently forceps is applied to grasp the tooth and removed slowly. After removing the tooth patient is instructed to bite on gauze for 30 minutes and then take something cold like ice cream or juice to stop the bleeding. Besides that soft diet for 24 - 48 hours from the opposite side to chew is advised. Furthermore, 12-hour rest along with painkiller is advised.

Meet the Team

Highly qualified dentists are here to provide best treatment and give you a pleasant experience.

Prof. Yaqoob Baig Mirza

Oral & Maxilofacial Surgeon

Dr. Shahzad Mirza

Cosmetic & Facial Aesthetics

Dr. Asim Naqash

Oral & Maxilofacial Surgeon

Dr. Reem Abid


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