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What are Top Three Brushing Mistakes?

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 What are Top Three Brushing Mistakes?

What are the Top Three Brushing Mistakes?

While it seems an easy thing to do, many of us do not brush our teeth properly. Very few brush their teeth as advised by the dentist in Pakistan and worldwide. This article is aimed at discussing the most common brushing mistakes and appropriate solutions to fix them.

Brushing Mistakes

1. Choosing the Wrong Brush

The most common mistake than we all make, at least once in a lifetime, is choosing the wrong brush. But you are not to be blamed, there are so many attractive and a heart-melting assortment of brushes available at the supermarkets, that it becomes pretty hard to decide. Before choosing, make sure the brush you select is designed adequately enough to reach “every” nook and corner of the mouth. You can choose a power toothbrush or a manual one, but it must have soft bristles so they and bend to get right under the gum.

Bristles are important because they are responsible for removing bacteria and loosen the plaque from teeth and gums. People generally think that harder bristles will do more effective cleaning, but dentists in Pakistan suggest that this is necessarily not the case. Similarly, the size of the brush head is also important. If you have a smaller mouth, the brush head better be a smaller one too, so it can move through all the angels inside the mouth.

2. Rushing through Brushing

The second most common brushing mistake is haste while brushing. Dentist in Lahore suggests that you brush twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Even if you are getting late for school or work, or you are too tired and just want to hit the bed, brushing should be done with calm so that the purpose of brushing does not die. The best dentist in Pakistan suggests that you should use an egg timer or your cell phone so time your brushing activity to ensure you do not brush less than 2 minutes.

Child Brushing Technique

3. The Wrong Direction

The majority of the people brush in the wrong direction, along the teeth, left to right. That’s wrong. Cosmetic dentists in Pakistan in particular contend that in order to preserve the natural beauty of your teeth, you should ideally start from the gum, and move along the up-and-down direction. They also advise moving in a little circular direction in light up-and-down motions.

In a nutshell, if you are not brushing your teeth correctly, you are not doing them any good. In fact, you are damaging them for which you will regret later. So change your brushing habits and avoid these common mistakes to preserve that natural beautiful smile.

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